The taste of the North

Chocolate company Sjokolade Camilla has changed its name to Æventyr Sjokolade and is working hard to expand its production capacity and introduce new products.

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In November, we proudly announced the exciting news that our chocolate company has undergone a transformation and rebranding to become Æventyr Sjokolade. We believe that this new name is the perfect fit for our company, as it embodies our core values and commitment to producing only the finest chocolate using the best ingredients sourced from the north.

While we have a new name, we want to assure our customers that our beloved founder and chocolatier, Camilla, remains at the helm, and her passion for creating exceptional chocolate remains unchanged. You'll still find the name Sjokolade Camilla on our products, reflecting our respect for our heritage and the artisanal techniques that have made our chocolates so popular.

We're continually striving to elevate our chocolate-making craft, and we're excited to share that we're expanding our production capacity, introducing new products, and updating our product packaging to showcase our premium brand identity. We can't wait to reveal more details about these upcoming changes, and we invite you to follow along with us on this journey.

At Æventyr Sjokolade, we're committed to delivering an exceptional chocolate experience, from the moment you take your first bite to the packaging it arrives in. We're dedicated to ensuring that every ingredient we use meets our high standards of quality and sustainability, and we're passionate about sharing our love for chocolate with the world.

We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal customers and introducing new fans to the delicious and enchanting world of Æventyr Sjokolade.