We dress in layers

By dressing in multiple layers you keep yourself both warm and dry, and when you get back inside it’s easy to adapt by taking off a few layers.

1. Under layer

Long thermal baselayer blouse

This is the part that is mostly responsible for keeping you warm, make sure to get one made of 100% wool or 100% wool with a polyester liner. Avoid cotton because it will make you freeze when it gets wet.

long thermal baselayer pants

Just as important as the blouse, the pants are responsible for keeping you warm. Make sure to get a pair that is made of 100% wool or polyester. Avoid cotton because it will make you freeze when it gets wet.

Wool socks

Make sure to have enough pairs of good, 100% wool socks. It is best if they are a little thicker, but not too thick as they can remove blood circulation while walking and then you freeze. For the same reason, avoid using two pairs of socks at once.
3. main layer

jumper or

As another layer over the underwear, this will help create a layer of air between them which will help keep you warm without sweating.

windproof hiking tr0users

This pair of trousers will not necessarily be very warm, but they are responsible for keeping you dry and not letting cold air get inside.
4. over layer

waterproof jacket

The jacket’s main purpose is to keep you dry and not let cold air get inside so that you’re other layers can do their job and keep you warm.

Waterproof hiking boots

A good pair of waterproof boots will make sure you don’t get wet even when hiking in deep snow

All in all, this is what
you need

fleece jumper
thermal blouse
waterproof pants
thermal pants
woolen socks
waterproof boots

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